Hogcast: Speedy Delivery

Interspecies Reviewers Reviewers: Episodes 4-6

Episode Summary

We've got a real doozy of a podcast this time folks. Our good friend Parris (aka @Dauragon, the progressive anime fan on twitter) dropped by to watch episodes 4-6 of Interspecies Reviewers with us. Watch along at home and see why this barbecue scene got them taken off the air! Also check out datafruits.fm later this week to check out the shows Parris mentioned

Episode Notes

Notes: The Monstergirl Crank, the hyena clit phenomena, more mascot hands, sex buffs, George Foreman anime figure, sweet baby rays, vaginal sous vide, Liz Warren’s Rail Wars, anime Videodrome, mushroom sakuga, Dennis Miller’s interspecies reviews, golem deepfakes, special dick cannon, The Erect-For-Girls Parade, gunpla golem painting